Genomics platform

The genomics platform will accompany you in your genomic, metagenomic and transcriptomic sequencing project. Sequencing or resequencing of small genomes (bacteria, virus, yeast), transcriptome and amplicons can be done from sample preparation to data acquisition. Subsequently, the bioinformatics platform can offer you a data analysis service (more details here)

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Services :

  • Sample preparation for sequencing
  • Preparation of genomic and metagenomic sequencing libraries
  • High throughput sequencing (available spring 2019)
  • Consultation and development of molecular studies

Sample preparation for sequencing

Extraction and quantification of DNA from the samples provided


Preparation of genomic and metagenomic sequencing libraries

Preparation of libraries of genomes, transcriptomes, and metagenomes (amplicons, shotgun sequencing)


Consultation and development of molecular studies

Development of primers, DNA extraction methods, quantification of sample quality.

Instruments :

Quantification and quality analysis of extracted DNA on the platform comprising: Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser, Fluomètre QUBIT, and Nanodrop ONE.

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

  • Measure the fragment size of 50 – 7000 bp
  • With an accuracy of ± 10%
  • Quantifies 0.5 – 500 pg/μl
  • With a precision of 20%

Fluorimeter QUBIT

  • Quantification of DNA and RNA in the same sample
  • DNA quantification: 10 pg/μL – 1 μg/μL
  • Volume needed: 1 μL

Nanodrop ONE

  • Quantification of DNA, RNA, and Proteins
  • DNA quantification: 2 ng/μl – 27.5 μg/μl
  • Detection of contaminants (phenol, proteins)
  • Volume needed: 1 μL

Sequencing instruments on the platform include :  Illumina MiSeq, Illumina MiniSeq, PyroMark, and the 454 Roche Pyrosequencer.

Illumina MiniSeq

  • Sequencing capacity per analysis: 5 Mb
  • Size of reads per analysis: up to 2 x 150 pb
  • Up to 25 million reads in single read or 50 million in paired-read

Pyromark :

  • Quantification of mutations and methylations