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Training offer

Post-doctoral position

Offer of March 13, 2022: Postdoctoral opportunity in the laboratory of Pr Laurent Chatel-Chaix at the INRS-Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie, for the study of the ffunctional interplay between flaviviruses and mitochondria.

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Post-doctoral position

Offer of December 1: Postdoctoral opportunity in the laboratory of Pr Benoît Vanderperre at UQAM, to study the molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease in human iPSC-derived neural cells.

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Post-doctoral position

Offer of August 26: Postdoctoral opportunity in the Pr. Kessen Patten lab at INRS. The lab uses zebrafish as a translational tool to study the function of genes strongly associated with neurological disorders, including autism spectrum disorders.

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Post-doctoral position

Offer of June 29, 2021: A post-doctoral position funded by CIHRs is available in the laboratory of Pr Mohammad-Ali Jenabian

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Job offer

Full-time faculty position in Analytical Chemistry

Offer of March 29, 2022: UQAM is hiring! The Department of Chemistry invites applications for a regular full-time faculty position in Analytical Chemistry. Applications from all areas of analytical chemistry will be considered. The successful candidate will be able to use the research infrastructure under the management of the NanoQAM institutional center ( and CERMO-FC (

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Professor in chemistry

Offer of March 10, 2022: The Université de Moncton is launching the following competition: Professor in chemistry (regular position that can lead to permanent employment

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Research assistant or associate

Offer for August 26, 2021: Sartorius Canada is recruiting a research assistant. The main missions are to ensure successful design, validation and implementation of our products, by supporting sales for product design, product positioning and demonstration, and supporting customers for application development work, initial startups and training.

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Research assistant

July 12 offer : A research assistant position is currently open in Pr Steve Bourgault‘s laboratory to contribute to the development and characterization of new methods of delivering biological material for vaccine purposes against viruses, including Influenza and COVID-19 viruses. The start date is immediate.

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Inspiring careers

Geneviève Bourret, MSc

Research professional of the Genomics platform of CERMO-FC

2002: Bachelor’s degree in biology in problem-based learning (UQAM)
2005: Masters in Biology (UQAM)
Title: To define in vitro and in vivo the physiological role of the scavenger receptor class B type I in the hepatic metabolism of oxidized low density lipoproteins.

2005 to 2010: Research assistant in the field of molecular genetics, development, and cell signaling.
2010 to 2018: Laboratory technician at Génome Québec

Since 2018: Research professional of the Genomics platform of CERMO-FC

Claire Bénard, PhD

Director of the Cell Analysis and Imaging platform at CERMO-FC

1996 to 2003: PhD in biology (McGill University)
2004 to 2009: Post-doctorate in neurobiology (Columbia University Medical School, USA)

1999 to 2005: Intellectual Property Liaison Officer (part-time)

2009 to 2016: Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor (Massachusetts University Medical School, USA)
Since 2017: Associate professor (UQAM)
Since 2017: Adjunct Associate Professor (Massachusetts University Medical School, USA)

Since 2018: Director of the Cell Analysis and Imaging platform at CERMO-FC

Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo, PhD

Co-founder of the company My Intelligent Machines (MIMs)

2009: PhD in computer science
2009 to 2010: Post-doctorate in Bioinformatics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Since 2011: Associate Professor at UQAM
Since 2018: Director of the bioinformatics platform at CERMO-FC

2017: Co-founder and Chief Scientist of My Intelligent Machines (MIMs)
2018: African Innovation Prize “CI2I from idea to innovation”
2018: Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Quebec

Hermance Beaud, PhD

Coordinator of CERMO-FC

2010 to 2012: Masters in Reproductive Biology
2013 to 2018: PhD in Biology – Reproductive Toxicology

Since 2012: (Co-) Organization of scientific conferences and general public event (100 to 11,000 participants)
2015 to 2017: Workshop design for student researchers and interactive scientific activities for the general public
2017 to 2018: Coordinator of Cinbiose, BioMed and PharmaQAM (UQAM)

Since 2018: Coordinator of CERMO-FC

Research avenues

Find other training or career opportunities

Montreal in vivo offers a business directory for the Montreal area.
Consult the directory for their contact details.

Discover the keys to entrepreneurship through the QcSE program of the Quebec Research Funds.
This marketing program lasts 14 weeks (3 hours / week) and takes place online. It is free and bilingual, with the possibility of receiving a grant of $ 700 at the end of the program thanks to the support of the Lojiq Foundation. For more information, visit their website.

The Réseau Québécois en reproduction has a publication page for training and employment offers in Quebec.

Provide your future employer with a source of financing

MITACS provides funding for public-private partnerships; paid internship within a company, research internship abroad during your studies, post-doctoral scholarship, travel grants to Canadian start-up companies, … A good argument to sell your profile to a company, or to start yours !
To learn more visit their site.

UQAM offers an Institutional Directory of Scholarships (also called RIBÉ), with an advanced search engine. You will find most of the scholarships offered by UQAM, the UQAM Foundation as well as many organizations outside the University.

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