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The main activity of the Foundation is to identify qualified donees, which it wishes to support financially and to supervise the use of this financial assistance. Qualified donees work in the field of scientific research, museums, hospitals and the preservation of nature or any other purpose that benefits the community, more particularly in the fields of the environment and scientific research.

The meeting of a researcher and a generous donor

Since being hired as a professor at UQAM 10 years ago, Nicolas Pilon has successfully pursued research focused on understanding the origin of certain orphan diseases. As the Courtois Foundation had long been considering funding a biochemistry research center, Professor Pilon worked on a project to bring together researchers with varied expertise and to pool cutting-edge technological platforms, with the objective of advance research on orphan diseases.

Very interested in this prospect, the Courtois Foundation agreed to finance CERMO-FC with an exceptional donation of $ 3 million over five years to the UQAM Foundation. The donor’s generosity made it possible to structure the Center, favoring the recruitment of research professionals and the maintenance of existing equipment. Secondly, the Courtois Foundation’s commitment will allow the funding of research projects and the granting of scholarships to ensure succession.

Pierre Bélanger, Director General of the UQAM Foundation, Magda Fusaro, Rector, Nicolas Pilon, Director of CERMO-FC, and Pierre Lavoie, co-founder of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. Photo: Denis Bernier

“Basic research is a long-term journey that requires both support and commitment,” recalled Magda Fusaro during the launching ceremony of the center. The contribution of our donor of the Courtois Foundation allows the creation of this research center which will soon shine on an international scale. I would also like to wholeheartedly thank the UQAM Foundation, which also participates in the implementation of these laboratories.”

CERMO-FC also benefits from the financial support of the Fondation du Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie, which has agreed to be an official partner.

“Finally a center of excellence in research on orphan diseases!
It’s a dream come true. We can now focus our efforts on making Quebec a global platform for research into orphan diseases. I congratulate the leadership of UQAM and its principal researcher Nicolas Pilon, ”said Pierre Lavoie, co-founder of the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie.

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