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Executive Committee

The mandate of the Executive Committee is to support and advise the director of CERMO-FC on the development and outreach strategy. It is responsible for ensuring that the academic values upheld by UQAM in terms of research and creation are respected, as well as approving the annual planning, budget forecasts and annual activity report of CERMO-FC. The management committee meets once or twice a year, at the times and places determined by the latter.

Nicolas Pilon PhD
CERMO-FC Director

Steve Bourgault PhD
CERMO-FC Co-Director

Catherine Laprise PhD

Normand Seguin PhD

Philippe Campeau M.D.
CHU Ste-Justine

Denis Garceau PhD
Bellus Health

Vincent Mooser PhD

Charles Morin M.D.

Cermo - Ribon

Courtois Foundation

GDPL Foundation

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for advising the direction of CERMO-FC on the scientific program as well as the prioritization of research projects and access to technology platforms. The Scientific Committee is also responsible for recruiting members of the evaluation committees for various competitions of the center for scholarships and grants. Under the chairmanship of the director, the Scientific Committee shall meet at least six times a year, at times and places determined by it.

Nicolas Pilon PhD
Transgenesis and genome editing platform director

Steven Kembel PhD
Genomics platform co-director

Catherine Laprise PhD
Genomics platform co-director

Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo PhD
Bioinformatics platform director

Claire Bénard PhD
Cellular analysis and imaging platform director

Lekha Sleno PhD
Metabolomics and proteomics platform director

Steve Bourgault PhD
Biophysics and biomolecular screening platform director

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