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Find a host laboratory

You want to be part of the next generation of orphan diseases expert?
Find the professor who is working on one of your research interests, and send an email with your resume and cover letter. You can also consult the training offers sent directly by the teachers.

CERMO-FC members Training offers

Build your network

Take part in CERMO-FC activities to improve your scientific knowledge and build your professional network.

CERMO-FC activities


Fund your training and improve your resume by applying for the CERMO-FC Graduate Scholarship Competition.

Scholarship competition

Find a job

Be part of the next generation of orphan diseases expert! Use your knowledge and skills obtained during your training in a job that suits you.
Contact our members directly to find out about employment opportunities in their laboratory.
Consult job offers and the list of biotech company in Quebec.

CERMO-FC members Job offers and avenues of research
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