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Genomics Platform

The genomics platform will support you in your genomic, metagenomic and transcriptomic sequencing project. The sequencing or resequencing of small genomes (bacteria, viruses, yeasts), transcriptomes and amplicons can be performed from sample preparation to data acquisition.

Subsequently, the bioinformatics platform can offer you a data analysis service

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Bioinformatics Platform

The bioinformatics platform supports the main analyzes of data from high throughput sequencing. Functional analyzes can be performed such as enrichment of biological processes, and identification of protein-protein interactions.

Training on analysis software is also available.

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Generating and phenotyping mouse models

This platform allows you to generate genetically modified mouse models at low cost. The service includes conventional microinjection, either the random insertion of a gene, or the possibility of targeted modifications with the CRISPR / Cas9 method.

Additional services such as line cryopreservation (sperm or embryos) and line regeneration by IVF (from frozen sperm or embryos) are also offered.

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Cellular and imaging analyzes

This platform offers a complete integrated offer in photon imaging and flow cytometry. Our staff also offers personalized support and training tailored to the needs of each user. Using microscopy and flow cytometry equipment, this platform allows 1) the identification and real-time monitoring of molecular markers, 2) the isolation of cell sub-populations for analysis or culture purposes. . Thus, the cellular analysis platform can allow in particular the characterization of phenotypes and the determination of molecular mechanisms.

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Metabolomics and Proteomics

This platform allows the analysis of chemical and biological molecules as well as proteomics and metabolomics analyzes. This platform includes 3 mass spectrometers coupled to liquid chromatography systems (HPLC-MS-TOF, HPLC-MS-MS (triple quadrupole, low resolution) and HPLC-MS / MS (quadrupole-time of flight, high resolution) ).

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Biophysics and biomolecular screening

This multidisciplinary platform allows the identification and validation of therapeutic targets and molecules specifically targeting these biological targets. In particular, this platform allows i) chemical and functional screening using different biological and cellular assays as well as ii) complete characterization of interactions (affinity, binding mechanisms, structure) between biomolecules by different biophysical approaches. A peptide synthesis service is also offered.

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