Scholarship for graduate students

The aim of the Scholarships of the CERMO-FC is to provide the opportunity for students from CERMO-FC members to initiate research related to the advancement of knowledge about the mechanisms or treatments for orphan diseases. The objective of CERMO-FC is to support graduate students who carry out their research project in the laboratory of a member of the Center, and thus serve as a leverage to obtain major external research grants.

Definition of an orphan disease

An orphan disease is a pathology that does not have effective therapies, mainly due to the lack of knowledge. These diseases are usually rare, each affecting less than one person in 2000. The small number of cases seen in the clinic also complicates the diagnosis. These rare / orphan diseases are more than 7,000 in the world, 80% of which are of genetic origin. Other causes include infections or intoxications. Most of these diseases are life-threatening and about 75% affect children. According to the Regroupement Québécois des Maladies Orphelines (RQMO), close to one in 20 people would be infected or have a rare disease in Quebec, which is about 500,000 Quebecois. While identifying the genes involved in rare diseases greatly benefits from the Human Genome Project, much research is still needed to understand the pathogenic mechanisms and develop therapies.


2019 Edition


  • Student under the supervision of a CERMO-FC member;
  • Full-time study in a graduate program;
  • With or already get a major external scholarship (eg FRQS, FRQNT, NSERC and CIHR);
  • Did not accumulated more than $ 10,000 (M.Sc.) or $ 15,000 (Ph.D.) of competitive scholarships during the current year;
  • On an equal basis, priority will be given to candidates who have never been recipients.
  • CERMO-FC scholarships that can be obtained by the same student is limited to 1 at the MSc level and 2 at the PhD level.


The Scholarships of the CERMO-FC are intended to contribute, in whole or in part, to the financial support of a student’s study session. The final amount awarded will be adjusted according to the number of scholarships awarded for this competition.

Date to remember

Application: before June 21, 2019 at 5:00 pm at
Results: September 2019


Laureates of the scholarship for graduate students

Laureats – 2019 edition

This year again, the second edition of the CERMO-FC Graduate Scholarships competition was a great success. A total of 31 files were submitted to the competition. Congratulations to all of these candidates for their excellent records!
The CERMO-FC particularly wishes to congratulate the 12 students who have earned a scholarship:

Masters students:

  • Victoria Cerdeira, Department of Biological Sciences, UQAM
  • Fabio Luiz Bandeira Ferreira, INRS-Center Armand-Frappier Health Biotechnology
  • Layal El Cheikh Hussien, Department of Chemistry, UQAM
  • Amira Aoussim, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi

PhD student:

  • Margaryta Babych, Department of Chemistry, UQAM
  • Mariela Gomez Perez, Department of Chemistry, UQAM
  • Priyanka Jamadagni, INRS-Center Armand-Frappier Health Biotechnology
  • Baptiste Charrier, Department of Biological Sciences, UQAM
  • Neija Lassoued, Department of Biological Sciences, UQAM
  • Olivier Reynaud, Department of Biological Sciences, UQAM
  • Léa Mélin, Department of Chemistry, UQAM
  • Séphora Sallis, Department of Biological Sciences, UQAM

To learn more, the research of the winners will be available soon on the Research Projects page.


Laureats – 2018 edition

Masters students:

  • Meagan Collins, CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Fatiha Azouz, Department of Biological sciences, UQAM
  • Virginie Desse, Department of Biological sciences, UQAM
  • Oscar Gamboa, INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier

PhD student:

  • Noé Quittot, Department of chemistry, UQAM
  • Priyanka Jamadagni, INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier
  • Grégoire Bonnamour, Department of Biological sciences, UQAM
  • Raphaël Dima, Department of Biological sciences, UQAM
  • Frédérik Desmarais, Department of Biological sciences, UQAM
  • Ons Ousji, Department of chemistry, UQAM
  • Mariela Gomez Perez, Department of chemistry,UQAM
  • Sophie Sleiman, Department of Biological sciences, UQAM

To learn more about the winners’ research, please visit the Research Projects page.