Mass spectrometry platform

This platform allows the analysis of chemical and biological molecules as well as proteomic and metabolomic analyzes. This platform includes 3 mass spectrometers coupled to liquid chromatography systems ; HPLC-MS-TOF, HPLC-MS-MS (triple quadrupole, low resolution) and HPLC-MS/MS (quadrupole-flight time, high resolution).

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Reservations of platform instruments

Services :

  • Detection of the proteins in the sample (non-targeted proteomic analysis)
  • Metabolite analysis in biological samples (metabolomics)
  • Drug metabolism analysis (in vitro or in vivo samples)
  • Quantification of small molecules and peptides
  • Exact mass confirmation (with targeted elementary formula)


Instruments :

HPLC-MS-TOF Sciex TripleTOF 5600 (LC-QqTOF-MS/MS)

  • Detection of proteins in the sample (proteomic analysis)
  • High resolution and high speed





  • Targeted analyzes (high sensitivity)
  • Quantification of small molecules and peptides




  • Sample purity analysis (with UV detection)
  • Confirmation of the exact mass

Price :

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Additional 15% administration fees are required

Preferential prices for academic researchers

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Researchers from the Universités du Québec network and members of CERMO-FC are invited to contact us for privileged prices thanks to the support of CERMO-FC

Reductions price may apply for projects with more than 50 samples. Contact us for more information.