Biophysics and biomolecular screening

This multidisciplinary platform allows the identification and validation of therapeutic targets and molecules specifically targeting these biological targets. In particular, this platform allows (i) chemical and functional screening using different biological and cellular assays as well as (ii) the complete characterization of interactions (affinity, binding mechanisms, structure) between biomolecules by different biophysical approaches. A peptide synthesis service is also offered.

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  • High throughput screening (customer’s library)
  • Various cellular and enzymatic assays, including AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA technologies
  • Characterization of protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA, protein-ligand interactions
  • Determination of binding kinetic parameters (kon, koff)
  • Determination of the thermodynamic parameters of binding (Kd, ΔG, ΔH, ΔS)
  • Structural transition studies induced by interactions
  • Determination of binding energies by stability study of biological complexes
  • Synthesis of peptides, non-natural peptides, including fluorescent analogs, isotopically labeled peptides (15N, 13C) and post-translational modifications, such as phosphorylation and palmitoylation
  • Small molecule synthesis for the creation of chemical tools allowing a personalized approach to the study of biomolecular interactions



Robotic platform for high throughput screening:
TECAN EVO 150 robot and TECAN M1000 plate reader

TECAN EVO 150 robot

  • Accepts plates of 6, 96, 384 and 1536 wells.
  • 24 incubation stations with temperature control in a range of 5o to 53oC
  • 3 positions for refrigerated microplates.
  • Includes a barcode reader.
  • Allows vacuum filtration of samples.
  • Equipped with a HEPA filter and is considered a level 1 enclosure.

TECAN M1000 plate reader

  • Absorbance
  • AlphaScreen
  • AlphaLISA Luminescence
  • BRET 1-2-3
  • Polarization of fluorescence
  • Fluorescence from above and below

Biophysical analysis platform:

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) – Biacore T200

Surface plasmon resonance equipment allows the study of biomolecular interactions without protein modification. Accurate analysis and high sensitivity.
The detection chips for the following immobilization modes are available:

  • Covalent: amines, thiols, aldehydes
  • Capture: biotine, His-tag
  • Hydrophobic: mono- and bi-layer
  • Possibility of custom attachment method

Results analysis software:  Biacore T200 Evaluation, Biacore T200 Kinetics Summary

 Circular dichroism spectrometer – JASCO J-815

This circular dichroism spectrometer allows fast and simple analysis of protein, DNA / RNA structures, their conformational transition and their thermodynamic stability.

Multiple mode of analysis:

  • wavelength screening (163 to 900 nm)
  • time-based screening
  • temperature screening (-10 to 110oC)

Special feature of the device:

  • with Stopped-Flow system SFS-490
  • Results analysis software (Jasco SpectraManager)
  • Secondary structure analysis
  • Protein denaturation analysis
  • Analysis by smoothing curves


Peptides synthesis :

Peptide synthesizer Tribute

Tribute automatic peptide synthesizer with 2 reactors and infra-red heating. Purification service (RP-HPLC) and mass spectrometry characterization (ESI-TOF) included. Purity of the peptides provided (>98%).

Small molecule synthesis

Your project requires the synthesis of small molecules? Contact the platform to receive more details.


 Use of equipmentWith technical service
EVO 150 and M1000 plate reader40$/h*50$/h*
Biacore T200110$/h**50$/h**
JASCO J-81540$/h50$/h
Peptide 8-30 residues-35$/amino acid***
Peptide 31-40 residues-40$/amino acid***
Peptide 41-50 residues-45$/amino acid***

* excluding the cost of consumables

** excluding the cost of microchips

*** with purity> 98%, 10mg. For synthesis with special amino acids (N15, C13, non-natural) and other modifications (fluorophores, pegylation, phosphorylation), please contact us for a quote.

Additional 15% administration fees are required.

Preferential prices for academic researchers

Researchers from the University of Québec network and members of CERMO-FC are invited to contact us for privileged prices thanks to the support of CERMO-FC.

 Use of equipmentWith technical service
EVO 150 and M1000 plate reader15$/h*30$/h*
Biacore T20030$/h**30$/h**
JASCO J-81520$/h30$/h
Peptide 8-30 residues-27$/amino acid***
Peptide 31-40 residues-32$/amino acid***
Peptide 41-50 residues-37$/amino acid***

* excluding the cost of consumables.

** excluding the cost of microchips.

*** with purity> 98%, 10mg. For synthesis with special amino acids (N15, C13, non-natural) and other modifications (fluorophores, pegylation, phosphorylation), please contact us for a quote.